Kinugawa Onsen Ryokan ISSHINKAN

Meals :

Kinuta gozen
We hope that you enjoy our meals to your heart's content. We have arranged the local traditionalpopular food in our own way. You will never forget the taste of the food. Our meals will be one of your happy memories of your stay in Japan. The meals are served on the tables in a tatami-matteddining room. It's a mixture of Japanese and Western style. You can eat here wearing a yukata, a Japanese informal kimono, which is in the closet of your room.
Standing bath

Hot spring baths & Kurhaus :

We are the only hotel which has a "Kurhause"( a hot spring resort in German) using our own fountainhead. We also have an indoor hot swimming pool. We recommend a reserved outdoor bath, especially for a family or a couple. (Reservation required. \2,100 /50 minutes)
jacuzzi Half open air bath Reserved bath


We have two types of rooms: " Magokoro room " and " Wamodan room "
Magokoro room Wamodan room
Magokoro room: A purely Japanese style room.
A tatami-matted room and futons (Japanese style mattresses).
Wamodan room: A mixture of Japanese and Western style room. A tatami-matted room and Western style beds. Colorful bed covers are popular among guests from abroad.

Inside the building:

The inside of the building is decorated with handiworks, which our staff made ardently. Please walk around with a camera. You may get good shots.

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Transpotation :

  1. By the Tobu train (the express "SPACIA")
    Tobu Asakusa station - Tobu Kitasenju station - Tobu Kasukabe staion - Tobu Kinugawa Onsen station (2 hours) or
    JR(=Japan Railroad) Shinjuku station - JR Ikebukuro station - JR Omiya station - Tobu Kinugawa Onsen station (2 hours)
    *The express "SPACIA" travels from JR Shinjuku station to Tobu Kinugawa station 3 times a day.

  2. By the JR train and the Tobu train
    JR Utunomiya station - (the Nikko Line: :30 minutes) - JR Imaichi station (walk: 10 minutes) - Tobu Shimoimaichi station -(the Tobu Line local train : 140 minutes) - Tobu Kinugawa Onsen station
    *From Tobu Kinugawa Onsen station to ISSHINKAN: By Tobu shuttle bus (8 minutes), By taxi (5 minutes), On foot (18 minutes)

  3. By car (from Tokyo area):
    Urawa Interchange - (Tohoku Expressway: 80 minutes) - Utunomiya Interchange - (Nikko - Utunomiya Expressway: 20 minues) - Imaichi City - (Rt. 121: 20 minutes) - Kinugawa Onsen
    By car (from Tohoku area)
    Sendai Interchange - (Tohoku Expressway: 150 mintues) - Yaita Interchange - (Rt. 461: 30 minutes) - Takatoku City - (Rt. 121: 20 minutes) - Kinugawa Onsen
    *Basically, the ushering and guidance here is given in Japanese.

    542-3 Taki, Kinugawa Onsen, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, Japan Zip 321- 2526
    TEL 0288-77-0008 FAX 0288-77-0067

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